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Paint Booth Products


Great-Kleen is a user friendly, specially formulated blend of solvents designed to clean metal paint booth grates from everyday overspray build-up, restoring your paint booth's efficiency.


Stack-Kleen is another CMA first, a revolutionary cleaner formulated to make removal of paint residue buildup inside spray booth exhaust stacks easy. This new fast-acting formula makes a usually time consuming, labor intensive job easier and safer. No scraping necessary!


Liquid-Mask is a unique spray-on coating that provides complete overspray protection on vehicle surfaces in minutes. This revolutionary product can protect the entire vehicle including underbody, grills, headlights, wheels and wheel wells. The coating will leave a tacky surface so that the dust, dirt, and overspray cannot adhere to the vehicle surface. This unique formulation makes clean up easy since it contains a mild detergent that can be easily washed off with water.


Booth-Shield is a water washable, non-toxic, biodegradable paint booth coating that, when properly applied, will prevent everyday paint overspray from adhering to paint booth walls. Booth-Shield not only can be used on walls, but also on paint booth covered lights in which it's clear tacky formula doesn't hinder lighting. Booth-Shield is designed to easily wash off paint booth walls with a water hose or pressure washer. It does not require peeling, which is time consuming.

Universal Urethane Reducer
Paint Booth Floor Stripper:

A CMA exclusive!  Paint Booth Floor Stripper is a unique and revolutionary product that is used to cut fast through all types of paint build-up on paint booth floors. This non-flammable solvent makes spray booth floor cleaning quick and safe.

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